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BBQ Judge~Is Nuts

My Second Career, Building Tastes

Open Fridge Chef has been making Energy Exploding Spiced Almonds, Pecans, & Walnuts with Uniquely Tantalizing BBQ Rubs since 2017. As an Independent Nut Manufacturer I personally have developed an Exceptionally Unique and Best Quality Product that will Blow Your Taste~buds into another Dimension!



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About Open Fridge Chef

Timeline Of Greatness 

Open Fridge Chef is a Personal Passion of Mine ~ Located in Indianola, Iowa 

Working to Build a group of trusted Vendors and Distributors to bring the finest Specialty Spiced Nuts, BBQ Rubs and Sauces to our Growing Community of Super Shoppers

Architecture 1988~2016

Culinary Architect 2016~Present

Open Fridge Chef, LLC Established 2020

BBQ Judge~Is Nuts 2017~Forever

KCBS Master Judge & Lifetime Member


Where to Find Me



W E L C O M E   2 0 2 1

Midwest Local Vender Market ~ Saturday Dec. 19th 10am~6pm Outlets of D.M. 8011 Bass Pro Drive SE Corner Suite 315-325  Altoona, Iowa

Indianola June~Oct. Saturdays 8:00am~Noon

Valley Junction June~Sept. Thursdays 4:00~8:00pm   

Valley Junction West Des Moines & Indianola Farmers Market


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